Wednesday, February 4, 2015

STEAM Students and Teachers Exhibit Art at WPU ArtStart

Above:  WPU Art/Math PIR Dina Scacchetti and CAHTS Art Teacher Vivian Reyes

Recently several STEAM students from the School of Government (Rosely Martinez and Amado Villar,) the School of Information Technology (Shammoi Brown, Angeline Francois, Dahiana Medina, Alan Rodriguez, Shaviann Thomas, and Lizbeth Ullloa,) and the School of Culinary Arts (Katherine Aguilar, Jaqueline Romero, and Coralys Tavarez) participated in the 2015 ArtStart Exhibition taking place in the Power Art Gallery at William Paterson University.

What is ArtStart?
ArtStart is the Annual High School Art Exhibition at William Paterson University that includes over twenty-five public and private high schools from all over New Jersey. LINK
ArtStart is organized by Thomas G. Uhlein who is Associate Professor in the Department of Art and M.F.A. Program Director at William Paterson University
with other members of the WPU Fine Arts

In addition to the student artworks on view, ArtStart invites art teachers to exhibit works of art alongside their students, creating a unique opportunity for students to see their teachers as artists and creators in their own right, and ultimately as their mentors. Participating art teachers Marilyn Simon (School of Information Technology) and Vivian Reyes (School of Culinary Arts) each exhibited alongside their students.  

Above: SOIT Art Teacher Marilyn Simon with her students
Left:  SOIT Art Teacher Marilyn Simon with her artwork
Below:  CAHTS Art Teacher Vivian Reyes with her artwork
On Saturday, January 31, 2015, the ArtStart reception was held at the Power Arts Building at WPU, and featured food and live music for the many students, families, teachers, and WPU Art Professors who attended.  Students were also invited to have an on-site art portfolio review at WPU as a step in applying for the WPU BFA program. 

Left and Below: WPU Art Professor Thomas Uhlein announces award winners with other members of the WPU Art faculty.

In additions student were invited to the 3-D printing lab where Professor Michael Rees showed them a work in progress and discussed the bright future of 3-D printing technology in the arts. Rees explained to the students that 3-D printing and other emerging technologies will create jobs and new types of employment for the art students of the future.  
Below left:
Professor Rees with Dina Scacchtti and Vivian Reyes
                                                    Above Left: STEAM Students Art work from SOIT, GOPA, and CAHTS

Right: Professor Michael Rees in the 3-D Printing Lab with STEAM Students 
Naturally the students were very interested in this information.  (As an aside some of these same students were involved in a STEAM collaborative project last spring with Professor Rees at GOPA and SOIT.  LINK    LINK   LINK
Three D printing technologies and art making would appear to be the ultimate STEAM project/curriculum that might start at the high school level and then continue into college level courses perhaps even at WPU.

WPU Art Department 

Art Start LINK

Above: WPU Art PIR Triada Samaras and Math/Science PIR Dina Scacchetti

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